Welcome To Trackivate

Real-time monitoring of the logistics delivery process from booking to eventual claims

We offer a system where both carriers and their customers can track delivery in real-time.

Our Services:

  • Route planner which suggests the fastest and most efficient route and displays the estimated time and distance to arival, regardless of whether you have one or multiple deliveries in a trip.
  • Real-time tracking where carriers see driver speed, route, and stops made made during delivery. Both carrier and customer see estimated time and distance to arrival. 
  • Immediate confirmation of delivery. Both carrier and customer get the exact time, address and recipient of delivery with a copy of photo ID and signature of recipient directly in the app.
  • Analysis and basis for claims. Comparison of calculated vs actual: route, time and distance for delivery. Information about what, who, when and how is saved in case complaints arise.

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How It Works


Start the process by filling in your booking information.

Route planning

The most efficient route is displayed for your deliveries based on priority and distance.

Track in real time

Track the entire trip in real time and know the exact position of your goods at any time.


Delivery confirmation directly in the app with the recipient`s signature and copy of their photo ID.

Be more efficient

All information regarding booking, carrier and delivery is stored in your app also for future use.